Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Holidays and Changing Times

I've put my business goals on hold for the time being as I shift focus on to some important changes I need to make in 2008. I'm turning 24 this year and will need a car and a new place to live, and potentially a new job as well. So while I do the leg work behind these ventures, I'm going to do some entertainment features on this blog.

First up is the Game Trailers pick for Game of the Year. While I haven't actually player through their pick, their choices for which games were the best this year were dead on. I'll let you watch it for yourself, but these guys do a great job talking about all the best games of 2007.


Thomas said...

I like this one:

~christophany~ said...
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~christophany~ said...

~christophany~ said...

A very interesting article.

But I do want to warn you of the other side. The other side is the life I've been living.

For the last two years I've worked a full time job in which I make more money just for myself alone than most families in the US make. I've lived in my parent's house rent free, and even been using their car (at least paying for my own gas).

I've never been in debt. The closest I came was in college, where my Dad ended up helping me out with tuition since the job I had didn't pay enough for me to cover it all.

I've saved more money for retirement and investments than most people I know who are in their thirties, and I'm only 23.

Here's the problem. I still live in fear. I'm afraid of losing all I have, of breaking from the routine and falling behind the pace I've set for myself. I don't know how much I need, I just keep amassing more, almost like there will be some magical point where I realize I have enough, but I don't know what that is.

I'm so paranoid about my finances that I can't spend any money to actually enjoy my life or progress because it's almost like a physical pain to do so.

So where do you go from there? Clearly you need a balance. So this year I'm working to go the other way some. To start spending money on the things I enjoy, develop some hobbies, purchase my own car, move out of my parents house.