Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Split Focus and Time Management

After moving over the weekend, I am now focusing on repairing my routine and getting to a stable situation. Here are some of my observations about this process:

- When I signed up for commitments, I made the decision based on my schedule and the time available at the time of the decision, with no considerations of future demands.

- One main thing trapping me in my current job is that, in order to fill the boredom of the downtime, I've made other obligations that now require me to have a certain amount of down time at work.

- There are an infinite number of things a person could do, but inconsistent effort is wasted due to all the directions it pulls an individual being in opposition.

- Everything in life involves elements of resource management, there is only so much time, effort and energy a person has.

- A team of people can accomplish so much more than just one. This is why quick sort and heap sort work so well.

- Roommate dynamics, without existing relationships, are similar to entering a prison. You have to establish the ground rules immediately, but at the same time not make decisions too early.

My final conclusion in all of this is that there is no right/wrong way to do things. You cannot do anything 'perfectly' because everyone has their own perspective and definition. Life is all about making things work effectively.

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