Friday, September 7, 2007

Slippery Start

So today started poorly. As they say, what begins poorly can not end well.

Normally I go by the courthouse on Fridays and pick up leads for the week from the foreclosures. This week I ended up sleeping in later instead. I was going to get up early but then had some trouble falling asleep. When I finally did, I then ended up waking up at 5:30 in the morning and couldn't get back to sleep for an hour or so. That's when I made the executive decision to sleep as late as my body felt like sleeping rather than getting up early, since then I wouldn't be mentally exhausted all day, making work feel even longer than it is. Now I have to work till 6 to make up for it though. Which in a way, makes work seem longer anyway.

I feel like I've been taking a mental beating recently. Maybe it's more just the combination of taking on too many things at once. I've been doing background studying for the GMATs for three weeks now. I'll be glad to finally take the exam tomorrow and then be done with it. Also, I'm doing Remedy Admin training at work, which isn't difficult but just takes a lot of energy to stay focused and move through all the material. Ontop of that I'm doing miscellanious work items for both software groups so I have to keep jumping back and forth in focus. Beyond that, I have the jobber stuff that I need to make some process with. And ontop of all of that, I've been playing through the Phantasy Star series, watching US Open tennis and trying to keep up with Fantasy football.

This of course all points to me doing exactly what I said I need to not do in my last post. Spreading myself too thin.

So my plan going forward is to start chopping things off the list. First thing is the GMATs tomorrow, which will remove a big strain. Second, I can somewhat put on hold work stuff next week while I'm at Remedy Admin Training Part II, but I will most likely have to duck into the office in the after hours to keep up with what is happening. It'll be nice to be free of having to think of stuff to keep my mind occupied during work hours though, since that'll be taken care of by the class.

I guess I really need to focus on my sleep habits. A few hours here and a few there have really eaten away at me and made me lose focus. I need to whip that into shape while I take this class or I won't pick up on all the information I'll need to know.

Alright, I'm done for now. Have a good weekend.

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