Thursday, September 6, 2007

Long Short Week

Despite having Monday off for the holiday and it being only Thursday, this has been a long week. I did not reach my goals for last week again. I keep hesitating on calling investors and trying to actually setup a pipeline of moving leads. I don't know why I hesitate, maybe it's just a wall I have to break through, maybe it's my own laziness.

Things are picking up and running wild at work. I went from not having enough to do to having too much to do. I'm balancing between multiple projects with multiple assignments. Plus, neither set of managers seems to know that I'm taking some online training and then going onsite for training next week to become a Remedy Administrator. I thought I had rapped up all these tasks I needed to finish so that I could focus, but other people have other ideas.

Also, this is the final week before I take the GMATs on Saturday. I feel relatively prepared but I wanted to run through practice exams each day this week. This has not happened at all. Usually when I get home I'm so worn out that I end up playing video games and watching tv and then my whole evening is shot. With two nights left, I need to make some big mental pushes to stay on task and really focus.

I stopped by my old job location on Monday and chatted with a friend of mine that still works there. He had mentioned to me a while back about how I have a tendency to get pulled into too many projects at once, and then lose focus and ending up spread too thin to make any progress. I've noticed this trend as well. Usually when I am spread that thin, the lack of progress frustrates me and I give up on everything. I've found that if I have too little to do I get bored and just put off doing anything. So it's very hard to maintain that certain perfect balance.

Yesterday at work this guy was blaming me for a lot of problems that were occurring with this one task. That guy was the one who wrote all the code that created the problem, plus never provided any clear requirements for what he wanted. Situations like that, where you are setup for failure or blamed for something you aren't responsible for, really bother me. This guy I use to work with did that all the time. He would say, "I don't micro-manage", but in reality he just had no idea what he was doing and would just give vague directions without much substance. Then when everything inevitably went wrong, he dumped all the responsibility on you. If things did go well, due to your personal heroic efforts, then it was good job but he got the credit. Which made it a lose situation to work with him at all. Eventually I just stopped talking to him and helping him at all until I left the company.

Theoretically, I will be spending the next two weeks at these training sessions to become a Remedy Administrator. Then I'll start being sent on travel to do installations and setups. If that does happen, this will be the first time I've ever really been sent to training for a task before doing it and might actually feel adequately prepared. Although, since you're actually suppose to have 1-2 years of Administrator experience before doing the third level training, it will probably be tough to absorb all the information and then be able to act on it. I guess I'll have to wait and see.

I shouldn't have stayed up so late last night watching the Fed/Arod match. It was worth it to see the dominance, but I am going to be tired all day now.

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