Thursday, September 27, 2007

Weekly Update

The courthouse was pretty disappointing today. Only 2 new listings for this week. I'll probably drop by again tomorrow since I'm taking the day off just to see if more pop up. I'm also going to try to visit another county's courthouse since I'll have the free time. If it goes well and I get a good feel for the lay of the land then I'll try to find a way to fit it into my weekly routine.

It's interesting to read about the various companies making plays in the market. Berkshire Hathaway just purchased 12-15% of two of these major railroad companies and are also rumored to be purchasing some of a hedge fund that took a huge hit from the sub prime market collapse. They're moving millions of dollars around like its a drop in the bucket. I suppose it is for them since their net worth is in the billions, but its just a hard concept to wrap your head around. When you compare conversations you have with people who would be happy for the rest of their lives with 3 million dollars, versus people who throws hundreds of millions around, its just a monumental context change. If you've got hundreds of millions of dollars then $10 for lunch really isn't a big deal anymore.

I finished the fight yesterday, which is why I'm having trouble writing and focusing today. Staying up a little late and waking up early to go to the courthouse is a dangerous combination. Luckily I'm done for the week after today so I'll have some time to recover.

I've been doing some work to try and make this blog more popular. I'm not sure what people want to read though, so if there are any topics or ideas someone reading this would like to hear my opion on or discuss, please feel free to email me or leave some comments.

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