Thursday, October 18, 2007

Preparation for Weekly Trip

So I worked late yesterday in order to accommodate extra time to travel outside the normal county courthouse trip. After last week's results of 49 leads, well over the average of 11, it seems that any small sacrifices will be very worth while in order to keep the average up. I only bought myself a few hours, so I'm hoping to get up early and do the long part of the commute in the time saved there. The normal trip is actually on the way back from additional county, so I'm hoping to end up with extra time even.

I didn't get any word from my investor after last week. I thought that was pretty surprising since the number of leads jumped up so much. I figure if I get a good total this week and I still don't hear from him, then I'm going to have to start branching out more. I keep thinking about going to a local REI club meeting and trying to pick up some more investors (as well as some advice) but I continue to delay going.

This week I'm also thinking about adding some extra details to the normal amount of information I collect. I have some places to look for potentially helpful information, but I hadn't been doing the extra work because my investor didn't seem to care. If I do do the extra work, I might start considering some of these places as potential for me to buy if the prices look favorable and I like the location. I'll reserve judgment till the time comes though.

I need to get my goals setup for expansion, but I'd really like to start seeing some profits come in to get funding for beneficial enhancements. I've been browsing Craig's List for a cheap laptop all week. While I've found a good number of potential matches, the sellers haven't been very good at supplying the information as well as continuing contact. Hopefully this will lead to a good purchase at some point in the future if the flow of leads remains near this new level. It would really save some time and provide for better record keeping.

I guess we'll have to see how tomorrow goes to get a better gauge.

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