Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Stalled Progress

Sadly, I haven't made any progress this week. I keep forgetting to look through the classified section of the newspaper for new investors. On the upside, I looked at some directions to get to the meeting on Saturday and it shouldn't be a problem. I have to work late today so that I'll have time to head into the other county on Friday. With my new (old) laptop, the lead collection time should be significantly less so I won't stay too late.

My stocks have been slowly inching up the last few days. Earnings reports for the most recent quarter are trickling in each day, and for the most part, they've been good enough to boost my overall performance. The trend for the US economy is down though, which could mean problems in the future. The Fed could lower interest rates today, which would boost stocks in the short run but probably hinder the economy in the long run. I'm shifting, not in the approach I take to screening stocks, but more in the approach of what markets my stocks target. I'm trying to pick up stocks that will benefit from foreign market growth rather than relying on the US economy. Everything seems to be pointing to this being a lean shopping year in the US during the Christmas season.

Today is Halloween and I'll be working most of it. So I open it up to the readers. Leave some comments about your favorite Halloween story or a great costume idea. Let's see if you guys can come up with something scarier than working late at the office.

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