Thursday, August 14, 2008


Read this:

Stuff like this makes me hyper ventilate.

Why? Because he's right, and I know he's right. I've read so many books about how to run a business, how to live your life, how to do things in effective ways. And it's all right and it all gives me the same reaction. I feel excited, I feel like there is this wave pulsing through my veins, I feel alive.

And it bothers the hell out of me, because I can't use it in my life. I can, but I can't. Not how my life is now. But I don't know how to change.

I feel very trapped in my current job. I do bullshit work and waste most of my time and it eats away at me because it's so pathetic and I could be doing so much more. Not necessarily spending more time, but making a bigger difference. But instead I play this role of a kid who doesn't know anything because older people don't believe that younger people could know more or different but useful things than they do. It sucks.

My sister said to me at one point, "Everyone thinks they know everything when they get out of college and get into the working world." Maybe that is true, but everyone is not the same as me. Everyone doesn't read the books I read. Everyone doesn't naturally turn everything into a system. Everyone doesn't adapt and learn as fast as I do. I'm genetically built for this, I'm the Michael Phelps of systemization of businesses. That was what was the only thing that attracted me to Computer Science. I don't like to sit around and type out code, I like to figure out how to make something work in an efficient, creative, new way.

But I don't know how to change my life. I don't know who I need to talk to or where I need to go to actually have the chance to do it. I keep thinking about "As a Man Thinketh" or some book that I read that talked about people giving up everything looking for an opportunity when all along the opportunity was sitting right under their nose. So I keep trying to make this work, or see what I'm missing, but I can't do it all on my own.

So that's why I'm doing something very different. I'm picking up a part time job at Game Stop, which sounds ridiculous. But I'm doing it because of something I read on Steve Pavlina's blog. He said, start today earning any money at all doing something you love, and eventually you'll change the way you think so you see more and more opportunities to make money doing what you love. You just have to take that first step.

So I'm doing it. I'm going to work at this specific Game Stop because I love the environment there and the people that work there are great. So I'm taking the risk and I'm hoping it will start opening up the world of opportunity that I know is out there but I cannot seem to see.

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Thomas said...

Way to go! Take that small flame and grow it into a fire.
I'm still chasing my first dollar, but I'm going to earn it very soon.