Tuesday, September 9, 2008


So, I'm starting to accept more and more the reality of my life and what I've been refusing to accept for a long time.

The main thing I've realized recently is that I've let my financial situation get out of control. Instead of taking control of it and making it what I want, I've passed off control as much as possible. I keep putting money into my 401k and Roth as well as my house fund, but I end up with more stock and the same total monetary value.

The theory is that eventually the market slump will pass and I'll be better off for buying into the bear market. But I could be doing more to meet my goals and then I'd be working towards something instead of just sitting in wait.

I should be putting money into a very stable holding place until I have the exact amount I need for a down payment that will get the mortgage payment for a 3/2 house to an affordable rate. Then I should be looking for houses on the market till I find the right motivated seller and get in for as low as possible. Then I should rent the extra rooms and start saving for an investment property.

On top of this, I should set up the website I have planned out but have yet to execute. Then I should be passing out business cards and driving up interest in some of the skills that I have that I could help people with part time for a fee. As the demand increases, I can increase the price I charge. That would expedite all my real estate plans as well as give me a vehicle to put a corporation over and start shifting some of my expenses to my business.

Eventually, the price for my time will get higher and I can start doing some business consulting because I'll have the experience needed, or I'll have enough money to purchase a franchise or other small business.

So knowing all of this, I'm still not going to change anything. After laying it all out like that, you're probably asking why? Well, that's why.

What you need as motivation is a why. I don't have a why. In my life, I have everything I need for me for now, but in order to move up the Maslow pyramid of happiness I'm missing something. I'm searching for someone who will understand me and my goals and want to work with me.

My mom always says that your significant other is your witness in life. The person who validates your existence, who cares about even the smallest details. The person who makes you significant.

That's what I want. That's what I need before I can really have the true motivation to execute my plans.

It's hard to find someone who understands though, who wants to be more than just an employee. Someone who wants to do the work to take control of their lives and be the best person they can be. Most people cop out easily with some manufactured excuse. They feed you lines about how rich people are evil or greedy.

Frankly, it's just stupid. I'm sure some of the rich are, but if you don't have money you can't magnify your efforts. I can do charity work or donate some money here and there now, but I have the potential to do so much more, everyone does if they're willing to put in the effort.

Anyway, I don't want to argue about it, I just want to find someone who sees the beauty in it and believes. I don't want to convince them, I want them to develop the same fire I have so we feed off of each other and work together, lifting each other up.

It's a tough find though, so each day I keep searching.

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