Saturday, September 13, 2008

Second Job

So I finished my second shift at my second job tonight. It's enlightening to work in a manually labor job. For example, after standing up for five hours, I can fully understand why people go to bars after work.

I'm picking up some things quicker. I've gotten better at reading the customers, growing interactions and helping to close sales, or at least be more helpful and develop a repoire. I'm not good at moving past the first no to at least the second one when I try to push products. I still think it's "wrong" or feel bad about putting pressure on people, but the reality is that people are just always going to react with a no first in 90% of the cases.

One thing I don't understand still is how to make plans for a Friday night. I guess since I worked Friday nights when I was in high school and I went to a school a 30 minute drive away from where I lived, I kinda missed out on how all that works. It'd be nice to have some friends that actually called me up and invited me out instead of trying to generate some activity myself all the time. In Bill Simmon's article, his wife talks about the concept of "pursuers" and "pursuees". I need to find more "pursuers" who will generate activities to do. I guess in the past I've blown them off, thinking that whatever activity they were offering wasn't something I wanted to do. I need to change that and start participating.

I still have this feeling like, "why don't people have any interest in doing the things that I want to do?". Maybe I'm still targeting the wrong audience.

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