Thursday, August 16, 2007

Goals comging together

So sadly, I have no real achievements towards this week's goals to report for today. Yesterday I went to the chiropractor at 6 instead of 5:45 so I ended up getting home later. Right when I got home we had dinner and then afterwards was the Fantasy Football draft for this year.

Yes, I know, not really very good excuses for delaying work on what should be a higher priority.

I did come to some conclusions last night though when I was discussing marketing with my parents. After the conversation with my coworker yesterday I really started to get excited about business. In all reality I decided to do Computer Science as my major in college because I thought I could do it and I thought I would make good money doing it. These are both true, but my heart really isn't in it. When I think about starting a business or I follow stocks and keep track of my finances, that's when I'm excited. That is what I'm really passionate about.

So I decided to stop trying to put all my hopes for the future into making a situation I'm not into 100% work, just because I'm invested in it. I'm going to take what I have and then parlay it into a career that I want. I'm going to do what I keep saying I don't need to do. I'm going to go back to school and get an MBA. I'm not sure if I'll get a dual degree and get a masters in Information Systems as well. My goal for now is to take the next step and get the ball rolling towards a goal that'll get me where I want to be.

This of course isn't going to happen overnight. It'll probably take a few years to get the degree and in the meantime I need money and to keep getting more experience. So I'm going to keep my job and keep working towards building a real estate jobber business. Right now I've set myself up with certain financial obligations and goals for this year that I want to finish out. Once I do, then my monthly expenses will significantly drop. That's when, as long as I stay the course and keep working on my jobber business, my side business should start really producing a steady flow of income. If it is and I start taking classes towards my MBA at that point, then I'll have the option of deciding if I want to keep working at my current job or just stick with the lower side income to pay the tuition and normal bills. I'll reevaluate based on the status then.

Overall, yes I'm disappointed I didn't get anything done towards my goals yesterday. I forgot the classified section of the newspaper that I was going to bring to work today. Plus my Dad's retirement party is tonight, so I'll probably be set back tonight as well. I still have to find 10 properties and 9 more investors to contact. In the mean time, I'm at least going to reread some sections of the instructions the course lays out so that when I do get a chance to take some action I don't end up wasting time.

I do feel like starting to walk down this path has helped me to see what I really want and point my goals towards it. So at least that's a step in the right direction.

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