Tuesday, August 28, 2007

School Year

So, again I fall short on my goals from last week. I did get the number of leads I was aiming for (and more), but I did not get the surrounding information and put them in my Master Lead Log. Also, I failed to contact potential investors to establish a path for my leads to go so that they can actually do me some good.

I need to get back on track. Or rather, on track in the first place. Recently I've been getting tied up in other stuff instead of focusing on what I should be doing. I've played through Final Fantasy Mystic Quest and half of Ogre Battle, and yet I'm still at the very early stages of getting this business going. I guess the 'procrastination bug' has really got me.

Well the goal for this week is to actually contact some investors. I should contact all the ones I've found, as well as continue to check the newspaper for new ones until I have a large pool. Also, I'm going to duck over to the courthouse before work again on Friday and try to pull in some more leads. In the mean time I should read the REJ course information again and get prepared. This should help me branch out from just foreclosure leads. The hope then will be to learn of potential areas to look for leads in drive bys that I can start doing on the weekend.

There has been some good news recently. On Saturday I did my first full run through of the GMAT exam in preparation for taking the test on September 8th. I did ok, ending up with 9 wrong on the verbal and 9 wrong on the math. Almost all of my verbal errors were in sentence completion questions and almost all my math errors were in data sufficiency questions. This gives me an idea of how better to focus in the future to improve my score. I did some reading during lunch today of strategies for these sections that were helpful. This weekend I will see if I can find more practice books at the library when I go to take another practice test.

Things are slowly improving at work as well. I'll eventually be signed up for these training classes that will teach me how to be a Remedy Admin. Once I've gone through them, I can start traveling to different government facilities and doing installs. I'm looking forward to some travel since I've only actually been to handful or so places around the country, let alone very limited foreign travel.

I'm curious if anyone actually reads any of this stuff that I write. If I do have any readers I'd love some feedback or potential suggestions/viewpoints. Let me know.

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