Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Jobber Business

This all started about a year ago. I use to work as a Product Support Engineer for a local company. Since the support center is 24x7 it often involved working some late night shifts. On one particular one of these late shifts I had borrowed "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" from my brother and began reading.

The concepts in the book about the difference between how the poor think of money and how the rich think of money, the accounting concepts of seeing where your money goes and if it is working for you or not, and the idea of portfolio, passive and earned income all spoke to me. I felt like I had finally found ideas that worked and made sense compared to how I previously thought about money or even my place in the world.

This lead to a ravenous thirst for more knowledge as I tore through book after book. The Millionaire Next Door, The Richest Man in Babylon, various Real Estate investment books, The Greatest Salesman in the World, the E-Myth, Never Eat Lunch Alone, The Science of Getting Rich, other RK books, and the Little Book that Beats the Market. I learned about real estate, stocks, mutual funds, businesses, bonds, gold, silver, vending machines, network marketing, 401ks, Roth IRAs, CDs. I signed up for training, classes, seminars, online subscriptions, news feeds.

At this point I imagine I've probably invested around $10,000 as well as countless hours into educating myself about anything to do with money. But so far I've had very little success.

Now I'm learning that I should consolidate my efforts, focus them on one goal and stick with it until I break into a new context. That is my goal that I am embarking on today. And that is what I'm going to write about.

So here is my plan:

My most recent push for education was into the idea of Real Estate Jobbing or "Bird-Dogging". This is the idea that you find motivated sellers who want or need to get out of their houses and are willing to sell them at a wholesale price. You pass those leads onto people who are in a position to buy them (investors) for a fee if they end up purchasing the property.

Today I finished the course on how to setup this kind of business and I am going to begin executing the steps and building the business.

My first two goals, which I should easily have done by Monday, 8/21, are as follows:
- Find and contact at least 10 investors
- Produce 10 leads in the local county area

I will keep up these posts daily as I start to keep me on track and less frequently as things begin moving along smoother if it becomes a burden.

I hope that all who end up reading this are inspired to take their own action. I hope as you read about my victories and defeats it encourages you and helps you see that you don't have to be perfect right at the start and even something that starts out small, with time and effort, will grow to be something big.

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