Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Slow Forward Progress

So I put a little time into my business yesterday and this morning. I wasn't able to find any potential investor leads yesterday, but I found 3 today. The first one I found in the classified section of the Post, the other two I found online from the Times classified section. Also, I spent some time looking at the websites (for those that had websites) of the investors I found previously. One website claims to pay out $3000 for leads that lead to a sale. I'm going to have to call them and see what the terms are.

I reread some of section 3 of the Jobber information. They make claims that you'll find 20 some investors in one paper. I don't know if I'm looking at the wrong papers, but I haven't found anywhere near 20 total, let alone in one paper. I'm starting to think the progression and ease is exaggerated some in these instructions. Although, if I could actually get $3000 per house that an investor buys, that would greatly make up for any exaggerations in ease of executing these steps.

Most of my day yesterday was spent at this training for becoming a Catechist. I'm trying to find more activities that I can get involved with that I can use my gifts and talents to help other people. I figure there will be multiple benefits from this: extra experience and skill development, larger network of contacts, larger sphere of influence, building of my personal brand, new perspective, as well as overall better feeling from contributing to society in a positive way.

I walked in and found out the training was going to be 2 and a half hours. This was a big turn off and I was instantly thinking about different ways to bail. I was also not very comfortable with the people there. This lady sat way too close to me, inside my personal space, and that made me even more apprehensive. Eventually, as we started to get into a flow of things, I started to feel more comfortable.

The rest of the people there were much older than I am. But I could tell that I invest a lot more time into personal development and perspective. I usually run into that a lot when I deal with people outside of my family. It's like they are content with being average or just scraping by when I'm use to pushing for excellence or being naturally good at something, even if I have no experience with it.

It was nice to get involved with something new. I'm looking forward to when things get started even though I'll be playing a supportive role instead of a core role. The nice thing about working with children is that it helps you get a better perspective for other lifestyles and approaches. Plus it gets you back in touch with that wonder and bliss that comes from youthful ignorance. Their is a real beauty in that simplicity.

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