Saturday, August 18, 2007


So today I went for a driver around some of the local neighborhoods. I only came across one real lead so it was a little disappointing. I did manage to get a better feel for the lay of the land in those areas which is nice for the future.

I think I'll be better off going to the courthouse and exploring other potential lead sources there instead of driving around aimlessly hoping to stumble upon something. The courthouse is organized and has a pretty good flow of things coming in each day. I just need to find a time during the week to go and sift through some sources.

I also found another add in the classifieds, but I'm a little disappointed because it was only one. The guy who wrote the instructions for starting up said he found like 20 in one paper. Maybe it's because the market is taking a beating right now, maybe I'm just checking in the wrong papers, but it doesn't seem to be the case here.

In order to start preparing for the GMATs, which I'm taking in exactly 3 weeks, I stopped by the library and picked up some books. I started going through the first book and did the first sample parts to see where I will need to focus. My biggest trouble was the sentence completion but overall I did very good. Somewhat disappointing was the fact that the answer book had 2 mistakes. For some reason it thought that .03 was greater than .09. The other one said that the correct answer was that statement A only was sufficient when in the explanation is clearly said that both A and B were sufficient on their own. Oh well, at least it'll help get my mind thinking about the right types of questions and give me some practice to get in game shape by the time the real test comes along.

At this point I'm a little doubtful that I'll reach my goals for the week since I'm at 5 investor ads and 1 lead. That's alright though since now I have a better idea of the landscape of what I'm getting into. The big goal is to keep making steps towards shifting my routine to include taking actions towards my business each week and hopefully each day.

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