Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Yeah, I'm slacking. I haven't done any work towards my business at all this week. It's pretty pathetic I know. I don't even remember what the goals I set were. I've mainly been focusing on GMAT studying, and I've done a fair amount of that at least. Also, things have picked up some at work with me getting setup to do some traveling in the future, so that's been distracting.

One small accomplishment is that I contacted a neighbor about doing some yardwork. I'll probably get $20-25 per hour to help her out. This goes along with what I said before from the "Acres of Diamonds" book, filling a need. If I can execute this correctly I could potentially parlay it into something with a lot of value. I'd like to get it so that I pay a few neighborhood kids $5 an hour to pick up sticks, then take the sticks and sell them to someone who sells mulch. That would be great if possible and could be somewhat lucrative.

I need to stay focused on my original business goal if I'm going to do this other side stuff as well. This REJ business is not very difficult and it involves learning about real estate, which is my long term goal. So I have no excuse for putting it off or not following through. The drive-by method of finding leads doesn't seem to be worth the time, effort or gas. The problem with the other methods is that they involve spending some time at the courthouse. Since the courthouse is closed after work hours I'll have to do this during my lunch break, or spend some extra time at the office afterwards if I go over my normal time for lunch. It's worth it though, since there are many different types of leads you can pull from the public records.

I also need to find a better way to line up investors. I may do some recruiting for this since I know people who drive around a lot and see their bandit road signs.

Anyway, I need to get back on track. I've been playing a lot of Cashflow 202 to learn about Options, but again that is off the beaten path and not what I need to be focusing on. The courthouse is right near where I work and is open from 8:30 am till 4:30 pm. Maybe I'll try and get to bed early and get up early and check it out before I go to work. This would probably work best for Friday since I don't have anything right after work, so if I get in late it won't cause any problems.

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